Technical Data

  • Kraus
  • Pharmaceutical serialization and traceability systems

  • Min. 80 x 100mm
    Max. 500 x 350mm

  • 60m / min - without printing 150m / min

  • Cycle or continue

  • High precision servo motor

  • PLC with suitable interfaces

  • The suction conveyor can be equipped with an optional electric height adjuster
    At the end of the line it is also possible to insert an outgoing collection unit
    Double sheet control: in electro-mechanical or ultrasonic version
    Autoloader: 500mm - 3000mm in 500mm sections with or without vertical magazine
    Display / light signals: optical display with various colors or acoustic signals

the product sheet


FK Codingline pharmaceutical serialization and traceability system

The traceability of the drug over the years has become essential, so much so that today the serialization of pharmaceutical products has been made mandatory by law.
Companies are therefore looking for machinery that, in addition to speed and efficiency, are equipped with inspection, control and automatic rejection systems for non-compliant products.

The FK Codingline solution allows you to code and label the folded boxes with a unique code and inkjet printing system.
The machine has been configured with a case especially dedicated to pharmaceutical use. It is an automatic friction picker, vacuum conveyor, waste unit with collection box and integrated scale output.

The main advantage of this pharmaceutical serialization and traceability system is the short start-up time and the modular design that make the machine versatile and economical in its use, allowing for various labeling methods.
The printing line, with easily adjustable suction tracks, is able to handle a wide range of formats.

Operation description of the serialization system

The JoKer automatic friction picker, positioned at the front, feeds the products reliably and precisely on the suction conveyor.

The vacuum conveyor then transports the cardboard boxes, both spread and open or already glued. The vacuum system then allows the products to remain freely spread on the conveyor, from which they can be printed or labeled wherever desired.

The printing system then labels the folded boxes with a video camera system that is used for code control and for its management in the data system.

If the camera does not read the product as “correct”, the system automatically generates a pulse in the waste unit and the defective product is vertically discharged into a special collection carton.

The products are finally transferred to the scaled exit to be picked up manually.

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