Technical Data

  • Kraus
  • Min. 300 x 300mm
    Max. 900 x 750mm

  • 120 m/min (depending on product)

  • SPS with related interfaces

  • Automatic stack device
    Number marker with fluorescent liquid
    Possibility of inserting additional cameras, printing and labeling systems
    Automatic ejection of rejected products directly into a dedicated container

the product sheet



The solution allows the control of the cartons by profile, dimensional stability and die cuts.


The system ensures that only compliant products pass to the next stages of the processing cycle, excluding any slowdown of the machine.

Description and operation

The products are picked up from the secondary machine by means of a suction belt and subsequently checked with an in-line camera to verify that they have all the punches and that these are compliant for dimensional stability. Non-compliant items are ejected downwards by an automatic rejection device in which there is also an additional sensor for a counter-check, ensuring that only suitable products are present on the scale output.

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