Technical Data

  • Kraus
  • Sheeters for paper products

  • 150m / min

  • 230V / 50 Hz / 300 VA

  • Microcontroller with PLC interface

  • 0 - 10mm standard

  • Min. 50 x 50mm
    Max. 300 x 320mm

  • Min. 60gr / m2 unfolded or folded, depending on the product

  • 600mm

  • Feeding width: expandable on request up to 1.050mm
    Product output: extensions of 300mm / 500mm in length respectively and 90 ° (vertical output)
    Double detection: electromechanical or ultrasonic
    Autoloader: from 500 mm to 3,000 mm in 500 mm steps, with or without vertical product loader
    Sensors: start-up photo-sensor and product level control
    Signal: signal lamps in different colors or acoustic signals
    Base: mobile, optionally with electric height adjustment
    Vacuum support: with vacuum pump or Venturi principle (multiejector)

the product sheet


The progenitor of the family of pickers for paper and non-paper products is the JoKer automatic picker. It is a compact and simple system in regulation and management.

The adjustment and management of the feeder can be carried out in complete autonomy by the operator following a short training, a feature that makes the machine extremely easy to use and allows at the same time to optimize time and economic resources.

It finds application in various industrial sectors with a focus on the world of packaging and wherever there is a need to feed stackable products.

JoKer sheeters for paper products

Like all Kraus brand machines, the Joker feeder can also be easily integrated into the customer’s production lines and is tested to work at industrial rates.

The system also offers the possibility of being implemented with different options such as pre-loading warehouses, vision and control systems, inspection and reject systems and other customizations to increase the efficiency and production of the line

Joker paper product pickers are used to dispense different products such as:


Feeding width equal to 250 or 350mm, special sizes on request

Product thickness easily adjustable and reproducible via digital display

Easily adjustable and reproducible pressure on the output belt

Ergonomic, robust and easy to load product warehouse

Sturdy construction with reinforced shoulders

Integrated control panel with keyboard and LCD display

Powerful DC Servo Motor

No product indicator to allow uninterrupted recharging

Easily adjustable inclination of the outlet

Quick and easy replacement of output belts

Single or multiple feed (with counter)

Photocell for counting and checking the missing or double product

Continuously variable feed speed

Easily settable product alignment on the warehouse

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