Technical Data

  • Kraus
  • 150m / min.

  • 230V / 50 Hz / 300 VA

  • Board for microprocessor

  • 0 - 30mm standard

  • Min.74 x 105mm

  • Infeed width: customized, expandable up to 1,050 mm max.
    Outlet extension: 300mm / 500mm and customized
    Double detection: electromechanical
    Autoloader: From 500 mm to 3,000 mm in 500 mm steps, with or without vertical product loader
    Sensors: start-up photocells and product level control
    Signal: signal lamps in different colors or acoustic signals
    Base: mobile, optionally with electric height adjustment

the product sheet


JoKer Warehouse friction feeder

The JoKer Warehouse friction feeder is a special package of equipment belonging to the JoKer friction feeder family that allows you to feed a wider palette of products (specifically, we are talking about various types of spread products, such as welded products on film and wrapped in paper, common in mail order).

The maximum product thickness of 30mm ensures maximum flexibility.

A peculiar feature of the solution is the principle of vertical gripping, capable of making the products placed on the conveyor belt available in the warehouse as well as ensuring maximum autonomy with a small footprint.

Also this system, in the case of micrometric adjustment and use, uses the technique of the product range of the JoKer friction feeder.


  • eeding width 350mm
  • Simple and reproducible micrometric adjustment of the thickness produced by digital clocks
  • Simple and reproducible micrometric height adjustment in the outlet extension
  • DC servo motor to boost performance
  • Single or counter product feeding
  • Continuously adjustable product pick-up speed
  • Conveyor belt of 1,500mm for high autonomy on a small footprint and equivalent print yield in the pickup area
  • Base for the entire unit, suitable for the picking technique

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