Technical Data

  • Guk
  • 50cm entrance light
    Station 1: 4 to 8 pockets
    Station 2: 2 to 8 pockets
    Station 3: max 4 pockets

  • Max.180m / min

  • Min.105x145mm

the product sheet


Medium format cross folding machines

The standard version of the K50 machine features combined folding pockets and a quick adjustment of the rollers that guarantee a quick and easy format change for an optimal yield without additional costs.

Various types of folds and a compact configuration are available.

The K50 solution is ideal in case of limited space availability.


The K50 machine can count on reliable sheet separation and precise alignment in the longitudinal plane.

It is equipped with sturdy folding rollers, various device holders and a removable folding knife.


  • Electronically controlled knife folding mechanism (detachable)
  • Possibility of mounting the gluing device on request
  • FL2-50 high pile feeder with separation head and side blowers
  • Preselector with bundle counter and totalizer (opt)
  • Available with mobile output S520 (opt)

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