Technical Data

  • Guk
  • 54 / 74cm, from 4 to 8 pockets in the 1st station 1-2 folding knives, with the option of a folding pocket in the cross folding unit

  • Max. 180m / mim

  • Min. 210x297mm
    Max. 540 / 740x1040mm

the product sheet


Signature machines with pallet feeder

Direct transfer of the print pallet at the end of the process.

The K54 / 74 solution, equipped with numerous folding variants thanks to the combination of the pocket group and electronically controlled motorized knives, allows a rapid production cycle without re-stacking.

Ease of use is guaranteed thanks to the computerized setting system.
The range of equipment is completed by the large monitor for a clear and complete display of all data.


The K54 / 74 solution can count on a high speed sliding thanks to the precise separation of the sheets generated by the control system of the stack lifting table, with the result of higher yield values.
In addition, the automatic jam detection is extremely reliable and guarantees the quality of the entire production cycle.


  • Pallet feeder with a stack height of 120cm and easy adjustment of the rollers supported by a laser pointer
  • Control computer with a touch-screen and network unit, extendable with electronic adjustment of the folding pockets and simple adjustment of the rollers
  • Available in K, KT, KL / R and KZ versions
  • An external unit with ZK 500 bending knife with combination of KTL-L, KL / R or KZ-L.

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