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The solution allows for labeling or marking in the extension of the friction feeder outlet.

Thanks to the special design of the feeder, the use of an inkjet printing system, a labeling machine, a thermal printer for decals or a similar finishing system, it is possible to shape the finishing in line. extension of the feeder leading to the production machine or off-line as a standalone module.


The solution allows the integration of additional video camera or scanner systems.

Operation description

The feeder separates blisters or folded boxes reliably. The labeling machine then labels the product in the extension of the output during its travel. The extension was designed to allow easy integration with the labeling machine. Thanks to the separate upper belt, the product can be marked wherever desired without the use of a high-cost vacuum conveyor. The labeled product is then transferred to a ladder conveyor and can be removed manually. The Labeling Module System allows you to achieve low-cost, easy-to-use offline product finishing. It is also possible to integrate an ink jet system in place of the labeling machine.

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