Technical Data

  • Guk
  • Max. 400 / min depending on the quality and thickness of the paper

  • Min.60x15x1mm
    Typ. 160x25x2mm

  • Pinion or pulley with motion taken by the packaging machine, or with its own servomotor

  • PA 21/2, PA 31/2, PA 21/3
    PA 31/3, PA 21/4, PA 21/5

the product sheet


High-performance feeder

The PA 21 Series solution allows you to insert pre-folded elevations directly from the warehouse. It is equipped with direct transmission of the packaging machine, end of charge sensor, transmission and handwheel of your choice on the left. or right, exit at choice on the left. or right.


PA 21/3 1m charge plan


  • Code reader (opt)
  • Paper reserve check
  • Autonomous transmission
  • Charging plan up to 2m (opt)
  • Digital adjustment of the rollers
  • Belt conveyor
  • Siemens S7-300 command (opt)
  • Pair of creasing shafts (opt)
  • PA21 / 4 with servo control (opt)

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