Technical Data

  • Guk
  • Max. 400/min dependent on paper quality and thickness

  • Min. 60x15x1mm
    Typ. 160x25x2mm
    Max. 310x105x3mm

  • Pinion or pulley with motion take-up from the packaging machine, or with its own servo motor

  • PA 21/2, PA 31/2, PA 21/3
    PA 31/3, PA 21/4, PA 21/5

the product sheet


High-performance feeder

The PA 21 Series solution allows pre-folded prospects to be inserted directly from the magazine. It is equipped with direct packer drive, end-of-load sensor, drive and handwheel at choice of left. or right., output at choice of left. or right.


PA 21/4 with suction cup introduction mechanism for feeding up to 8mm-thick elevations and 1m charge plane.


  • Code reader (opz)
  • Paper reserve control
  • Autonomous transmission
  • Charging surface up to 2m (optional)
  • Digital roller adjustment
  • Belt conveyor
  • Siemens S7-300 control (opz)
  • Pair of stringer shafts (opz)
  • PA21/4 with servo control (opt)

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