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Logistics application

Our newly developed packaging machine supports the packaging of standard paper bags.

The solution allows the operator to manage the entire flow, from the preparation of the envelope, to the automatic labeling of the addresses, to the opening of the envelope up to the final stage of the packaging process consisting in the closure of the envelope in which an optimal reduction is also obtained. of the volume.

In all phases the operator can adjust the height of the unit.

The system is capable of processing individual size envelopes, marked envelopes and different paper qualities.
Product availability is through picking trolleys, container systems, envelope systems or sorting systems.

The workstation can be individually designed (e.g. advertising shelves and inserts).

The machine also has an inkjet system or label printers as modules for the automatic or manual application of addresses.

The solution allows shipping with paper bags, an eco-friendly way compared to film packaging, thanks to which a significant reduction in the amount of packaging used is achieved.


The advantage offered by the system consists in the fact that in the first place there is an automatic feeding of the shipping envelopes through the friction feeder.

Secondly, the address label is automatically created and applied to the envelope.

Following this, the special opening mechanism opens the envelope so that the goods to be shipped can be conveniently inserted and sealed in the envelope by the operator.

The semi-automatic packaging process makes the whole process much more effective.

The compact unit can be easily integrated into the shipping logistics process and at the same time function as an autonomous machine.

The performance of the machine, of 400 bags per hour, is significantly higher than that of a manual packaging station.

Description and operation

The JoKer friction feeder separates the envelopes and feeds them into the belt.

The address is then printed on the label thanks to the print & apply labeling system and then applied to the envelope.

After labeling, the envelope moves to the next position where it is pneumatically opened to be made available to the operator.

After filling the envelope, it is manually sealed and transferred to the next conveyor belt.

The power supply unit, printing system and opening station for products of varying sizes is an optimal solution for the fashion and durable goods sectors.

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