Technical Data

  • Guk
  • RS 21 / 880

  • Entrance width 210mm, 4 or 6 folding pockets

  • Max. 400 / min with a format length up to 105mm
    Max. 300 / min with a format length up to 315mm

  • Min. (LxW): 60 x 105mm
    Typ. (LxW): 160 x 210mm
    Max. (LxW): 210 x 340mm

  • Pinion or pulley taken from the packaging machine or with its own servomotor

  • Web guide, diverter, counter, stainless steel casing, own motor, kit for size up to 510 mm in length

  • RS 21 / 880-2 (4T)
    RS 21 / 880-2 (6T)
    RS 21 / 880-2-S2 (4T)
    RS 21 / 880-2-S2 (6T)

the product sheet


An alternative solution: folding paper from reel

The paper roll folder RS ​​21/880 is part of a range of ideal solutions especially for the pharmaceutical sector where production rates are very high. The advantage of the paper folding starting from the reel lies above all in the loading that allows the folder to work continuously without having to load it often with flat sheets.

The solution consists of cutting and bending units obtained with the latest technology and electronically controlled.

To process multiple prospects at the same time, the reel paper folding machine can be equipped not only with single reels but also with double reels and quadruple reels.

The functioning of the bender

The machine cuts the instructions from the reel according to a printed mark. As soon as the cutting process of the knife shaft is finished, the pickup roller, controlled by a magnetic clutch, together with the brake are started electronically. The pickup roller rotates until the next print mark is detected and then stops. Meanwhile, the knife of the rotating knife shaft cuts the stationary sheet on the programmed length. The sheet is then finally folded and stacked in a vertical stacker.


  • Instead of the vertical stacker, another unit (e.g. EK 300 knife folding unit) or an S 350 delivery chute can be attached
  • It is possible to combine it with the pocket modules of the FA 35 groups
  • No double sheets, no missing sheets and no risk of mixing
  • Not sensitive to static load
  • Silent running
  • 20% cost savings compared to handling stacked goods
  • Automatic control of the cutting position
  • Synchronous control of the print mark
  • The installation of code readers is possible
  • Storage in maintenance-free needle and ball bearings

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