Technical Data

  • Rotatek
  • 350 m / min

  • 520 mm

  • 505 mm

  • 15" to 28"

  • 51/2" to 17"

  • 6" to 28"

  • about 3 mm

  • 0.15 / 0.20 / 0.30 with mechanical coil lock

  • 0.90 / 1.05 mm adhesive blanket

  • 1,270mm (700kg)

  • 70 mm / 76 mm / 150 mm

the product sheet


Products: labels, security printing, flexible packaging, leaflets, laminated tubes, folding carton

The Perfect NT is the most versatile rotary printer on the market.

The modular design and shaftless technology allow for multiple combinations in line. This design was developed primarily to meet the requirements of the security printing and folding carton industry.

The improved and accurate tension control allows, together with the servo drives, to maintain perfect register to drastically reduce paper waste.

This technology allows for individual control of the units for very quick setup with even the most difficult substrates, and to generate consistent and stable offset print quality.

The printing units are equipped with interchangeable print cassettes.
The format change takes place without the use of tools.

Offset plate change in less than a minute. The cylinders can be adjusted independently, so you can set the right pressure to achieve the highest print quality.

Optional units

  • Flexographic units
  • Gravure unit
  • Screen printing unit
  • Cold press
  • Die cutting
  • Review
  • Automatic ink control system
  • Automatic register control system
  • Video system
  • 100% inspection system
  • Hot stamping
  • UV laminating stations
  • Hot air rolling stations
  • Variable data ink jet
  • Non-stop rewind / unwind
  • Corona treatment
  • UV dryer
  • EB Dryer
  • Hot air dryer
  • Sheeter
  • Zigzag fold
  • Other…

Multiple supports

Film, BOPP, PET, PVC (min 15 microns *)
Self-adhesive paper, self-adhesive film
Folding carton
Paper, thermal, carbonless
Paper weight from 40 to 250 g


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