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the product sheet



Thanks to the solution, the products are safely isolated from the power supply. Subsequently, the same amount is passed into the pneumatic collection station located in front of the feeder. Once the set quantity has been reached, the collected product is unloaded vertically.


The side opening of the open collection drawer allows the stack to fall vertically without overturning on one side, a feature that allows the creation of short work cycles with a consequent increase in production. The compact design also allows a further and significant reduction in the height of the product drop compartment on the packaging line. The collection function, thanks to the new design of the system, is carried out in a single control system and it is also possible to deactivate it, allowing the feeding of a single sheet without a collection station.

Description and Operation

The products are reliably fed into the vertical warehouse of the feeder and transported to the collection station. The desired quantity of items can be set in the control system. The drop signal is generated by the main machine.

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