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The solution allows the separation of booklets, brochures and outserts from the feeder and the subsequent application, during their passage in the extended exit, of the closing label.


Thanks to technological innovation, the closing labels are placed first on the product without the need therefore to be closed with a kicker afterwards. Thanks to this solution, you can be sure that the labeling takes place without damage or markings. Thanks to the integrated output it is possible to reach speeds exceeding 200 strokes / minute. The line is available both in the stand-alone version and in the on-line version in combination with a machine for outserts.


The machine allows the integration of an outfeed scale belt for easy handling or of a scale introduction belt for an increase in autonomy and for possible in-line matching.

Operation description

The feeder separates the brochures by presenting the flap open in front. In the extended exit, the label is then applied by a labeling machine and, thanks to a special closing technique, the label is positioned on the edge of the product and pressed further.

Thanks to the special integration it is possible to safely label even narrow products, in which the label is approximately as large as the booklet. With the implementation of this solution, a compact unit is obtained, capable of allowing the product to be closed easily and maintaining a high production speed.

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