Technical Data

  • Kraus
  • 150m/min.

  • 230V/50/60 Hz

  • SPS

  • 0 - 10mm

  • Min. 30 x 50mm
    Max. 150 x 200-600 mm

  • 600mm

the product sheet



The solution allows the in-line feeding of booklets and inserts with scanner or camera control. Defective products are reliably rejected thanks to the pneumatic waste separator.


The positioning inside the power extension of the integrated reject device ensures that only 100% controlled products go to the next process. The products are then discarded downwards during the feeding phase and the waste container, thanks to its integration, ensures that no defective products re-enter the work chain, guaranteeing excellent reliability of the machine.

Description and operation

The reliable and flexible separation of package inserts, booklets or inserts is guaranteed by the feeder. The product, during its passage, is controlled by a scanner / camera inside the waste extension. If an item is defective, it is automatically rejected and transferred to the appropriate container. If the product is read by the scanner / camera as “good” it is fed into the packaging machine, thus ensuring that only “good” products, 100% checked, continue their path in the production line.

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