Technical Data

  • Guk
  • Max. 18,000 products / h

  • Donation products
    Min.thickness 50 x 50mm
    Max. Thickness 200 x 150mm - 20 heads: 0.1 - 6mm
    Transport products
    Distance: 508mm (400-600mm) - 20 heads
    Distance: 386mm (300-450mm) - 15 heads
    Delivery quantity 600-1000mm

  • Servo motor / 400 V, 40 Hz, 16 A, 1 kW

  • PP 200 power supply with precision SERVO up to 200 cycles / min.
    PP 300 feeder with high performance SERVO for speeds up to 300 t / min.

  • Empty compartment monitoring
    Compartment for diagonal dispensing
    Vacuum cleaner buttons for coins and different products
    Dispensing head with gripper suction function
    Cam disc and CD changer
    Rotary encoder synchronization
    Height adjustable with spindle
    The dispensing head can be easily moved

the product sheet


High performance pick & place investors

With the Pick & Place PP 200 system it is possible to place cards, bags, samples, credit cards, CDs, coins and three-dimensional products on a product or magazine. Pick & Place has its own transmission and can be fixed anywhere on a conveyor belt. If required it can also be integrated into the main machine control. The maximum lay-up speed is 18,000 products per hour.

Thanks to its modular character, the solution can be combined with gluing, folding and packaging machines, as well as with other lay-up devices. Pick & Place PP 20 is easy to place on a transport route thanks to the mobile substructure. The height-adjustable dispensing head can be moved completely out of the work area with a simple movement.


The Pick & Place servomotor drives a rotor with suction cups. A suction cup then picks up a product from the warehouse in a stationary position, which is then positioned over the main product with a rotary movement. The PP 200 and the production machine always run synchronously. It is not necessary to stop the conveyor belt with the main products to deposit the product. A rotary encoder on the main track determines the rotational speed of the Pick & Place rotor. Using the data of a photocell and the speed determined by the rotary encoder, the software determines where and when the product must be positioned. The PP 200 offers extremely precise positioning and is able to compensate for distance deviations.

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