Technical Data

  • Kraus
  • A4 single sheets

  • Up to 80m / min.

  • Servo dynamic motorization during sheet pick-up and conveyor belt

  • Protective sensor device for the printing unit
    Barcode reading scanner

  • Three thrust sections, expandable on request

the product sheet



The solution allows the collection of sheets printed by an offline laser printer. The printed jobs are then collected and conveyed to the output station where the sheets are positioned and treated with the special ejection unit that deposits them in the cardboard for shipping.


Thanks to its various collection possibilities, the print transfer module is able to compensate for the slowness of the printer, starting from the transmission of a printed job up to its ejection. Thanks to the high versatility of the motorization, a further call can take over between the individual sheets so that the printing process can be continuous.

Description and Operation

The print transfer module takes the individual sheets from a common laser printer using a belt. The single sheets are then delivered in the first section of the conveyor belt with flights to be accumulated properly. As soon as a printed job ends, following the sending of the relevant signal, it is transferred to the next section. The completed printed job is then redirected to the next free station. The barcode scanner reader is positioned before the pneumatic ejection unit and depending on the positioning of the printed product “face up” or “face down,” this is scanned from above or below and its code read during the passage . Finally, the printed job is safely ejected and directed to the full or empty cardboard box. Following this, the cylinder moves upwards and the shipping carton can be delivered freely. At this point, the next job is placed in the printing unit.

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