Technical Data

  • Guk
  • Entrance width 210mm, 4 or 6 folding pockets

  • Max. 300 / min. with a format length up to 150mm
    Max. 250 / min. with a format length up to 200mm
    Max. 180 / min. with a format length up to 315mm

  • Min. (LxW): 60 x 75mm
    Max. (LxW): 210 x 315mm
    Cutting accuracy +/- 1mm at 300 / min.

  • Pinion or pulley taken from the packaging machine or with its own servomotor

  • Web guide, diverter, counter, stainless steel casing etc.

  • RS 21/760 (4T)
    RS 21/760 (6T)
    RS 21/760-S2 (4T)

the product sheet


The RS 21/760 solution offers cutting and folding units obtained with the latest technology and electronically controlled.

The machine is used for installation on cartoning machines for packaging lines.

The brochure is requested via a potential-free (electronic) contact.

As soon as the cutting process of the knife shaft is finished, the pickup roller is controlled by a magnetic clutch and brake and can be started electronically. The knife shaft turns until the next print mark on the web paper is recognized and is then interrupted.

In the meantime, the knife of the rotating knife shaft, controlled by the 1: 1 synchronous cartoning machine, cuts exactly the section of the brochure interrupted on the programmed length.

The removal is then controlled by the reel-cutting machine and the brochures that have been cut along the length are finally folded in the folding unit with 4 or 6 pockets to be then sent to the opening of the cartoning machine.


  • No double sheets, missing sheets and no risk of mixing
  • Not sensitive to static load
  • 20% cost savings compared to handling stacked goods
  • Automatic control of the cutting position
  • Synchronous control of the print mark
  • Additional installation of code readers is possible
  • Storage in maintenance-free needle and ball bearings
  • Paper roll holder, simple and double roll holder
  • With and without integrated gluing table
  • Left or right transmission, with chain or toothed belt
  • Smallest crease 15 mm
  • With ARW 21 automatic roll changer

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