Technical Data

  • BVM Brunner
  • High-performance shrink tunnel
    SC 400 - 1600

  • Solid construction, excellent air channeling
    SC LT

the product sheet


BVM Brunner shrink tunnels are characterized by their solid construction and excellent air channeling properties.

The shrink tunnels are equipped as standard with a chain conveyor with heat-resistant transport bars coated with silicone rubber. The double ventilation flaps allow you to adjust the air channeling inside the shrink tunnel separately from the outside. A digital temperature controller allows you to set the shrink tunnels at a constant maximum temperature up to 250 ° C.

The passage width of the shrink tunnel SC film packaging machines ranges from 450 mm up to 1650 mm and the length of the shrink hood is between 800 mm and 4500 mm.

The volume of air and the direction of inflow can be easily adjusted from the outside. Patented and protected transport systems, such as hybrid transport, enable maintenance-free shrink wrapping with no marks on the film.

Our shrink tunnels are durable and of the highest quality.
Efficient insulation ensures that the hot air remains inside the shrink tunnel and the removable fans ensure optimal accessibility.

Various maintenance-free and partially patented tunnel conveyor systems complete the BVM Brunner product range for shrink tunnels.

Whether it’s folding boxes, creams, tealights, books or printed products, our SC 400 – 1600 and SC LT shrink tunnels can be used to pack industrial and food products reliably and without damage. Our shrink tunnels offer customized packaging solutions for small, narrow or bulky products.

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