Technical Data

  • BVM Brunner
  • Reliable sealing performance
    Compacta 5022 LT/Trend/EMS
    Compacta 5022/7522/10022 EGS
    Compacta 7515 Speedy

  • High performance, accurate and continuous
    Genius 5015/7515/10015

  • Film machines for returns and shipping packaging
    Comtex 3G
    Comtex 4G

the product sheet


In the film packaging sector, the demand for side sealers has grown steadily in recent years. The products can be packaged manually or automatically with BVM Brunner brand film sealers composed of the Compacta, Genius and Comtex series.

BVM Brunner’s fully automatic side sealers can be used to pack your products professionally and economically in a single operation thanks to the side seal.

These machines are particularly suitable for film packaging because their flexibility, combined with the well thought-out packaging system and related feeding systems, allow to maximize performance and reach high production speeds over 150 cycles per minute, depending on the model. and the equipment of the packaging machine. By means of permanently heated sealing systems, all commercially available films, from polyethylene to polyolefin and PVC films, can be processed on this series of machines. In combination with the polyolefin film and the BVM cutting knife, the film wrapping machine produces the best sealing seams.

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