Technical Data

  • Customized machinery
  • Automatic palletizers

  • 1200x800

  • max 2400 mm

  • 20 kg
    Ability to take 1/2/3 boxes with total weight of 16 kg

  • 220 volts
    Single-phase 220-volt powered system capable of being easily installed anywhere on the production line

  • Capacity to process up to 14* cartons per minute. Allowing simultaneous load handling of up to 3 boxes

the product sheet


The new and advanced “Squirrel” collaborative palletizing solution improves the working conditions of warehouse personnel by replacing manual palletizing and guarantees a high standard of safety. The range consists of two models of automatic palletizers, which can be configured according to the customer’s needs, and have characteristics that are increasingly required in order to have an efficient production cycle:

– They reduce the space needed on the production layout;
– They use advanced but easy to use technologies;
– They collaborate in total safety with the operators;
– They bring greater flexibility to one or more low-speed lines.

These robotic palletizers can be transported from one line to another very easily and in a short time, and thanks to their adequate ballasting they can work without being anchored to the floor, ensuring greater efficiency on production lines and a high level of integration and flexibility.

Processing takes place in total safety thanks to the intelligent correction mode, which checks the position of the incoming packs and adjusts it according to the variations detected.
The gripping hand can be customized according to specific needs and positions the packs precisely and safely in the predetermined positions.
The impact with which the parcels enter the formation station is almost nil.

The man-machine relationship is excellent as the work area of ​​these palletizing islands is constantly monitored, thanks to special laser barriers that guarantee maximum safety for workers and maximum operating performance, allowing you to safely switch from collaborative mode to that at high speed.

Finally, the ALCE software, integrated into the Squirrel automatic palletizers, simple and powerful at the same time, allows the creation and optimization of layer configurations with just a few steps.
It is fully manageable by those who buy the machine and just enter a few data:

– Set the size of the box (s);
– Set pallet size;
– Choose the appropriate design (the arrangement of the boxes)

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