Technical Data

  • Kraus
  • Min. 85 x 54mm
    Max. 350 x 300mm

  • 0 - 10mm

  • SPS card with relative interface

  • The solution allows the integration of a scaled exit belt, stacking device

the product sheet



Thanks to the transport system with TT labeling system, the products are separated, the label is pre-printed by a thermo-transferable printer and only subsequently, during its travel, applied to the product thanks to the labeling machine.


Thanks to the special separation and transport system, even plastic bags (bags) and empty bags can be processed. The combination of heat transfer printer and labeller allows you to place an identification mark on any flat surface.

Operation description

system. The product is then fed by a conveyor belt composed of belts and pressure wheels and aligned. A self-adhesive label is then printed with the thermo-transferable printer, which is subsequently applied to the product. The labeled articles are then fed into the pile collection container from which they can finally be picked up.

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