Technical Data

  • Kraus
  • Min. 60 x 40mm
    Max. 150 x 120mm

  • SPS board with related interfaces

the product sheet



From the selected pre-loader of the warehouse, the products are dispensed onto the scaled conveyor belt and then, from the latter, to the feeder.


Thanks to the 3 mobile pre-charges of the warehouse, the autonomy of the power supply system is substantially increased.

Operation description

The products are inserted in the vertical pre-charges of the warehouse and, once the pre-charge of the warehouse has been emptied, the system moves completely automatically to the next pre-charge. The solution makes it possible to fill the pre-charge of the empty warehouse without stopping the production line.


  • 3 vertical mobile pre-loads of the magazine mounted on linear guides
  • PLC management of the pre-loading warehouses with consequent automatic delivery on the scale conveyor belt
  • possibility of filling and feeding the warehouse pre-charges and products continuously, without stopping the production line
  • possibility of format change for various types of products
  • particularly suitable for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food sectors

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