Technical Data

  • BVM Brunner
  • For long products with shaped shoulder
    SM Genius 5015 Prof
    SM Genius 7515 Prof

  • With overlap on the underside of the product
    SM Genius 5015 Konti
    SM Genius 7515 Konti

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Printing, filling and sealing in a single operation. Our machines for tubular bags package your products in film, semi-automatically or completely automatically.

These film packaging machines can feed the products inside the bags both manually and fully automatically. A flat film is used to produce an all-sided closed package with underside overlap of printed products, folding boxes or even long products. The dimensional ranges range from 450 mm to 700 mm depending on the model and guarantee the coverage of a wide spectrum of product packaging needs. Ease of use and maximum efficiency, the right bag machine for every application.

From production directly to packaging. A tubular bag machine packs the products semi-automatically or in line with the required bag shape. The film width is precisely adapted to the respective product.

We have two tubular pouch machines in our product range:

  • SM 5015 Genius Prof/Genius Konti
  • SM 7515 Genius Prof/Genius Konti

The SM Genius series of packaging machines is suitable for manual and fully automatic packaging. It is a packaging machine with a forming shoulder that can be loaded both manually and completely automatically. A flat film is used to produce a package that is closed on all sides and under the underside of the product.

The sophisticated packaging system and related feeding systems allow productions of over one hundred cycles per minute, depending on the model and equipment. Using permanent heating sealing systems, all commercially available films from polyethylene to polyolefin and PVC can be used on this film packaging machine. In combination with the polyolefin film and the cutting knife, the best welding seams can be produced.

The very simple format changes of the Genius packaging machine by means of servomotors ensure reduced set-up times and high production reliability. The size range goes from 500mm to 750mm weld width, depending on the model.

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