Technical Data

  • Kraus
  • Min. 60 x 60mm
    Max. 300 x 350mm (depending on feeder width)

  • Effective vacuum belt 500mm

  • 150m/min depending on the product

  • Cycle or continue

  • PLC with suitable interfaces

  • 2-3 power supply, expandable almost without limitation

  • Hot glue, labeling, inkjet or similar systems

the product sheet



The solution allows the feeding of a product to be shipped on a suction conveyor while at the same time a further product is fed precisely by a second Servo power supply.


Using the electrically lifted columns, both the feeder and the suction conveyor can be set to work at any desired height possible from an ergonomic point of view. This feature allows the setting of the suction conveyor directly in line with any machine positioned upstream of the line. The simple belt replacement offers the possibility to quickly replace the suction conveyor with a conveyor with stops for precise angular alignment of the product. The conveyors can be easily adjusted on the side and set for different product formats. Changing the belt tension can also be done easily.

The special closing valves allow the adjustment and the single opening and / or closing of the suction tracks.

The system has a vacuum pump with soundproofing and servo clutch feeders designed as independent modules so that they can be used with different systems.

Description and operation

The JoKer Servo, positioned frontally, feeds the products (magazines, cardboard boxes and a wide range of printed and folded products) to be packaged on the vacuum conveyor during its travel in a reliable way. Gluing is carried out with a hot glue system. Following a second JoKer Servo feeds a second product during its passage in a completely precise way with the rotary encoder that synchronizes the speeds. The glued product can then be transferred to another line or collected on a conveyor placed at the output of the feeder.

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