Technical Data

  • BVM Brunner
  • Possible film width of 100-1600 mm, production up to 50 cycles/minute
    - BM 400 - 1600 L/B/LE/LG

  • Ensures tight wrapping of packages without shrinking
    - SP 400 - 1600 L/B/LE/LG

  • A machine frame, economic variant
    - BMS 600 - 800 L/W

the product sheet


The modern BVM Brunner brand wrapping machines allow you to safely pack sensitive products and prepare them for transport; they also allow you to flexibly set the required band width in a few moments.

Wrapping machines can seal products of various sizes in film ties and shrink them in the downstream shrink tunnel to form a package for transportation.
Products such as bottles or books can also be professionally packaged using the narrow packaging machine.

We will find the right wrapping machine for you: standardized, manual, semi-automatic or as an individual and customized packaging system.

The semi-automatic or fully automatic BVM Brunner wrapping machines can be used to pack your products professionally and economically in a single operation using the film wrapper. The advantages of these machines are manifold, such as saving time and labor and the perfect preparation of your products for transport and storage.

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