Robotica integrata Controller Independent
Robotica integrata Controller Independent

One business model in robotics that remains highly innovative is that of Robotics Controller Independent, which can be a strong value-added element in the integration of robotic axes within more complex production lines.

What does the

Robotics Controller Independent?

The distinguishing feature the Robotics Controller Independent consists in the fact that the robots can be managed by any external controller, greatly facilitating their integration even on existing production lines.

The advantages of robotic axes controller independent hardware side

The advantages offered by this business model on the hardware side consist of:

  • Elimination of duplication, i.e., elimination of having a whole-line control that must be interfaced with a robotic controller
  • Ability to use different controllers against specifications and specifications coming from customers
  • Reduction of space and footprint with the possibility of having all the control within the same electrical cabinet in which the controls of the other axes of the machine are also located
  • Elimination of all interface systems and platforms that make commercial robots with their own controller communicate with the main line controller

The advantages on the software side

On the software side, the advantages lie in the ability to program:

  • Use of already available motion libraries (the electronic designer will not have to learn a new language or interface a machine with a third-party control)
  • Ownership of the entire automation solution, including the robot
  • Opportunities to develop unique solutions with high added value
  • Ability to improve the mechanical performance not only of robotic axes but of the entire production line using a single controller

Benefits from the perspective of integration

Turning to the topic of integration, it should be emphasized that we are dealing with a true integration and no longer an interfacing, the advantages of which consist of:

  • elimination of logical interfaces
  • Ability to fully utilize safety systems from motion and control manufacturers in the development of the solution
  • real-time data exchange

Cost optimization

Taking a broader assessment, the Robotics Controller Independent also enables overall cost optimization that results in:

  • significant reduction in commissioning time
  • Simplified and fully managed trouble shooting
  • after sales and spare parts management optimization

For whom should it be important to know the benefits of Controller Independent Robotics?

The subjects to which the attentions of Robotics Controller Independent are mainly two:

1) machine manufacturers and system integrators, who can find Robotics Controller Independent a differentiating tool for creating competitive value

2) TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) sensitive end customers, who will capitalize on these types of solutions and the benefits they bring over time, over the life cycle of the machine

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all the opportunities of the Robotics Controller Independent in thespeech at BIMU 2022 (Biennial Exhibition of Machine Tools, Robots and Automation) by Alessandro Casiraghi, President DCM Italy.


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