The smart factory, also known as smart factory, is a designation used to represent in industry the use of different digital technologies used to actively regulate and harmonize human resources, production processes and equipment.

Definition of smart factory

Smart factories are defined as such because in addition to implementing a technological work plan, which can enhance production capacity, they are also able to coordinate with different functions in the production cycle, ensuring higher levels of efficiency at the enterprise level.

The Smart Factory as the cornerstone of the Digital Supply Chain

To fully understand the benefits that the smart factory can offer, it is necessary to frame the model in a broader system, which sees the smart factory as the supporting entity of the digital supply chain.
If smart factory means the use of digital technologies in the business environment, used to give rise to a flexible production cycle capable of self-adaptation to different contexts, digital supply chain means an interconnected supply structure that is consequently capable of matching market demand with its actual availability, a prerequisite for meeting consumer expectations.

The digitization of supply chain processes

In today’s industrial environment, the classic idea of the supply chain, consisting of multiple production stages that follow one another without dialogue or agreement, has been overtaken by the digitization of production cycles. This makes data from different processes and actors involved available in real time, enabling their concatenation and synchronization. In this way, digital supply chains centralize information from all links in the production chain.

An overview of the supply chain

The smart factory idea must therefore focus on an overview of the supply chain, which must have as its end point the creation of an integrated value chain scheme. To achieve this, it is necessary to determine a long-term digital transformation strategy and plan, which will bring with it a process of evolution and transformation of the company and its production cycle.

How does D.C.M. fit into a smart factory?

For example, if you are looking for a new way to control the production of your folding lines, D.C.M. has developed a control system that allows:

  • The connection between production lines and business management
  • remote diagnostics
  • A simple and intuitive interface for adjusting machine parameters
  • immediate visibility of production line performance
  • the ability to add functionality
  • A periodic and advanced maintenance control support
  • Video-tutorial for settings or production line management
  • The storage of the work performed for process optimization and improvement

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