Technological innovation has led to a real revolution in the production sector, with the spread of industrial robots and software for their control.

It is no coincidence that we often talk about smart manufacturing or intelligent automation, synonyms of an advanced approach with the perfect integration between the physical and digital world.

Robots can perform heavy tasks, such as lifting heavy loads and handling complex components safely, giving workers the ability to perform other, less demanding tasks.

They are able to work at high speeds and with precision, and thanks to the increasingly safe man-machine interaction they can collaboratively carry out end-of-line activities such as palletizing.

The evolution of information technology and electronics has made it possible to develop new advanced industrial robots such as those under the autonox robotics brand, capable of carrying out almost any type of activity such as the
packing, processing and handling of products of different weights and sizes.

The range of autonox Robotics industrial robots has more than 250 models, all controller independent, to be more easily integrated into production lines:

and many other special versions make-up this constantly evolving range, which according to customer needs is expanded with ad hoc and customized solutions.

They are ideal for those who aim for efficiency, speed and positioning accuracy on their lines.

The new advanced intelligent automation solution “Squirell” for pallet preparation is added to the wide range of Autonox Robotics robots.

This is a collaborative palletization island that:

  • Improve working conditions by replacing manual palletizing
  • It guarantees high-level safety standards
  • Decreases the space needed on the production layout
  • It offers advanced technologies that are easy to use
  • It brings more flexibility to one or more low speed lines

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