The areas of application

Cosmetics OEM Pharmaceutical

In-line paper folding machines are the ideal solution for folding leaflets and illustrative brochures directly on the production line. The range, consisting of different types of folding machines, allows products to be folded at very high speeds and made available for the subsequent picking and insertion phase inside the box.

This type of solution is widely used in the pharmaceutical, but also cosmetic and OEM fields.

In-line folding machines can be equipped with various options to increase their efficiency, such as:

– Vision system and product waste;
– Base with its own transmission and command;
– Format optimization with ratio change;

The families of in-line paper folding machines


There are two main families (or better series) of in-line paper folding machines that are proposed by DCM, both of the well-known German company GUK.

The Cartonac series includes 4 models of reduced dimensions:

Thanks to its small size, the Cartonac series can be easily integrated into the packaging lines. The machines are delivered ready for installation.

These in-line folding machines are characterized by perfect accessibility and a short set-up time thanks to the quick and easy adjustment of the roller and simple format change.

The RS series for roll processing:

The RS series in-line paper folding machines are made up of cutting and folding units obtained with the latest technology and electronically controlled.

To process multiple prospects at the same time, the reel paper folding machine can be equipped not only with single reel (prospect in single reel) but also with double reel (prospect in double reel) and quadruple reel (elevation in quadruple reel).

In addition to the coils, they allow to work:

Flat sheets
Pre-folded (quartino, sestino, octavo, etc.)