The areas of application

Graphic arts Paper converting

Offset printing is a roller printing process of the indirect type, that is, the image is not transferred directly from the plate to the paper but through a complex system of rollers, which allows high-definition prints and on media having an irregular surface.
Rotatek ‘s range of branded offset presses is the ideal printing and finishing solution for the flexible packaging market, folding cartons, security printing, commmercial printing, pharmaceutical leaflets.

We offer several types of inline finishing and printing machines:
Combined semi-rotary/fully rotary offset, fully rotary sleeve offset, fully rotary offset combined with servo motors and in-line finishing machines.
The modular design of all ROTATEK machines offers the printer a high degree of product customization by combining multiple print finishing units inline.
All types of materials can be printed and finished in one step.

Application and characteristics of offset printing presses

Rotatek printing presses offer the ability to perform a variety of processes such as:

Security printing
Flexible packaging printing
Illustrative brochure
Adhesive food label printing solutions
Brochure and
leaflet printing (link to “brochure and leaflet printing machines”);

Our solutions are aimed directly at companies in the graphic arts and bookbinding and papermaking fields.
Indirectly we appeal to all those markets that make extensive use of self-adhesive labels, flexible packaging, pharmaceutical leaflets and other materials for product packaging:
Wine industry , food and beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, electronics.

Finally, offset presses can be equipped with multiple combinations of inline printing and finishing technologies:

– Flexographic units
– Hot stamping
– Cold printing
– Embossing
– Die-cutting unit
– Printing on the back and adhesive sides
– UV Lamination
– Inkjet variable data
– Video camera
– 100% total inspection