Branded solutions BVM Brunner include innovative, high-performance packaging and wrapping machines characterized by versatility, precision and durability.
The range consists of numerous products to handle different processes:

Film packaging machines

Cardboard packaging machines

Paper packaging machines

All packaging and wrapping machines are also equipped with feeding, conveying and handling systems for product advancement.

With modular components, all systems can be customized to provide the perfect packaging solution for your needs; the machines’ versatility allows them to be quickly adapted to changing production conditions.

Whatever product you produce, we can provide the packaging solution for you.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s cardboard, shrink-wrap, or film packaging-our BVM-branded packaging innovations turn your packaging activities into real competitive advantages.
We specialize not only in protecting our customers’ products, but also in making the packaging process more economical.

Packaging and wrapping machines in detail

All manufacturing processes and procedures comply with the latest energy and environmental standards enabling the machines to be used in multiple commodity sectors. Our solutions can be used for packaging a wide range of products such as, for example, foodstuffs, mail order products, textile products, textile returns, shipping packaging, paper products, multimedia products, pharmaceuticals household products, .
Whether it is film packaging machines, shrink tunnel packaging machines, polyethylene packaging machines, side sealing machines, tubular machines, wrapping machines, tight packaging machines or tray and wrap-around carton packaging machines, DCM will provide the right packaging machine for your company.

In order to respect the environment, the films processed by the machines are made from 100 percent pure recycled materials or produced based on a renewable raw material. Paper and cardboard represent the “greenest” materials that can be processed by machines as they are fully recyclable and compostable.

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