For many companies, the procedure of “stacking” goods on pallets is an essential step that must best meet the specific needs of their production cycle.

The importance of palletizing

Taking into account the type of product, it is essential to apply the correct palletizing and packaging schemes in order to load their goods into containers safely and efficiently.
Today, industrial automation platforms, based on the combination of a PC and a PLC, are able to offer the optimal palletizing solution while providing flexibility, efficiency, maximum utilization of warehouse space and a high level of safety.

The benefits of the Squirrel collaborative palletizing island

TheSquirrel collaborative palletizing island is an advanced solution based on the collaborative robot (or cobot) concept that offers numerous advantages:

1. Improves working conditions by replacing manual palletizing
2. Ensures high-level security standards
3. Allows a cost-effective and optimized solution for end-of-line capex
4. Decreases the space needed on the production layout
5. Provides advanced technologies that are easy to use
6. Brings greater flexibility to one or more low-speed lines

Operation and structure

The supply consists of a palletizing solution made from two sturdy structures.
The robot will be placed on the first structure, which will have the ability to pick up the boxes and place them on the pallet in the desired configuration.
On the second structure will be located the box preparation conveyor, which will be responsible for separating the boxes and directing them to the pickup location.
Using laser scanners, any access to the work area by an operator will be checked. In case of contact with people or things, the cycle will stop immediately.

The customizable gripping hand

To meet the specific needs of the customer, the solution is equipped with a customizable gripping hand, which can be made in different shapes depending on what needs to be handled, allowing parcels to be safely and gently picked up and placed.

Automatic Layer Configuration Editor

To enable the creation and optimization of layer configurations, the solution uses the proprietary ALCE (Automatic Layer Configuration Editor) software, which is both simple and powerful.

The ideal solution for your palletizing

DCM is here to help you find the best palletizing solution for your production line.

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