The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic and the profound changes that have ensued have brought to light new trends in the world market that are very interesting, among which we cannot fail to mention those related to trade shows, conventions and conferences.

The Phygital

There is no denying that the current pandemic crisis has greatly affected the exhibition industry, given the inability to physically attend events.

In this context, the Italian companies that have been able to increase their productivity and grow their grow their numbers have been those that have had the ability to make the best use, even at this juncture, of the opportunities offered by technology.
In this new scenario, phygital (a neologism of “physical” and “digital”) takes shape through which the distinction between the idea of physical and digital is being erased and an unbroken zone in which brands and companies must set their marketing is being delineated.

The emergence of hybrid events

We are thus witnessing in marketing, in general, and in the world of events in particular, a hybridization of physical presence and digital device, a new environment in which physical relationships between people will be accompanied by relationships at a distance.

The study conducted by MBB-Consulting

According to a study conducted by MBB-Consulting, the world of trade shows is moving toward a balance between being online and offline with 75% physical and 25% remote participation.
Therefore, physical participation and gathering in the same environment will remain predominant, but with digital it will be possible to expand sharing to those who cannot be present in person, making the fair more impactful.

The hybrid event thus takes shape and is born with the intention of strengthening the physical event and offering it competitive advantages through the use of online.

Future scenarios of the world of trade shows and exhibitors

The future of trade shows and the new path charted by the advent of hybrid events is in full swing and yet to be discovered, but it is absolutely clear that it now represents an inescapable reality in which the link between offline and online will enhance the offerings and create new opportunities for companies, exhibitors and audiences.


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