The world of packaging is constantly evolving and changing. Therefore, the major players in the industry must innovate and come up with new solutions to meet the needs of Customers.

Attractive and functional packaging, the choice of materials to be used, and sustainability are central issues, and several Italian companies have been able to accept and brilliantly overcome these new challenges.
One of these is a Veronese box factory that has always worked with cardboard, the packaging material par excellence.

The Client’s Need

The making of boxes goes through several steps during the production cycle: printing, folding, and creating the internal compartments for dividing products.
It is for this last stage that the client decided to turn to DCM. Specifically, in the production of boxes for wine bottles, the need was to integrate on their folding-paste line a machine that would be able to singularize and dispense cardboard templates, which would then go on to make up the separation of products within the final box.
A flexible solution that through simple operations was able to handle different formats (70mm x 40mm up to a maximum of 230mm x 350mm), different positioning areas and work in conjunction with high-speed production lines with variable production rates.

The proposed solution

In the field of feeding and dispensing, D.C.M. offers a wide and customizable range of solutions under the brand name These machines allow different products to be processed and fed at high speeds on production lines.
The proposed solution was to integrate a Joker Servo feeder, designed specifically for working on folding-paste lines.
This friction feeder, in addition to being able to work at different speeds in both single-shot and continuous operation, can be equipped with different accessories according to different needs:

  • Flying exits;
  • sensors for counting products and checking for missing or duplicates;
  • a base with the ability to adjust height, overhang and tilt to handle different formats or placement areas;
  • Synchronization systems with the customer’s machine
  • ….

All these options increase the performance level of the machine and increase the efficiency of the entire line.
In addition to the Joker Servo with its various accessories, in order to greatly increase the line’s autonomy, a 1.5-meter horizontal magazine was proposed to the customer so that more products could be loaded, operator intervention could be reduced, and loading operations could be carried out while remaining outside the folding-gluing line’s outline.
The solution thus proposed proved functional and effective and led the customer to integrate it into its cardboard box production line.


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