Packaging that sticks in consumers’ memories is undoubtedly an element that can excite and seduce consumers and thus increase sales of a given product.

While colors, graphics and form can help distinguish the brand and create interest in the product, offering a true experience that engages the 5 senses is a great opportunity for loyalty. Thanks to multi-sensory packaging, it is possible for customers to have a memorable and surprising experience.

Tactile coatings in packaging

The moment a product catches our attention we are always inclined to interact with it. And it is precisely when we pick it up that our multisensory experience begins, bringing into play the tactile characteristics of the package linings. A soft touch coating, for example, thanks to its soft texture can emulate luxury for high-end products, just as grain effects are very effective in enhancing vivid images and colors by immersing us in the brand’s universe.

The scented packaging and the olfactory brand.

Olfactory characteristics can also attract consumers to try a brand’s products. The use of scent and aroma in packaging turns out to be of great impact, since the sense of smell is the sense most strongly related to memory, capable of creating a “lost” feeling that entices us to purchase. A particular scent, such as one reminiscent of grandma’s chocolate cake fresh out of the oven, can activate a pleasant nostalgic feeling and increase the likelihood of customer loyalty.

The auditory characteristics of packaging

Sound is another innovative multisensory experience that we can use to get customers to actively interact with our product, especially at new launches. Incorporating music or sound effects into our packaging, which are played upon opening and closing, creates a highly satisfying effect that can incentivize the user to repeatedly interact with the product.

The importance of the senses in marketing strategies in the current context

In today’s extremely competitive market, many brands to stand out from the competition are increasingly using sensory marketing techniques that, by exploiting the 5 senses, manage to generate empathy in customers by making them feel the most important thing for the brand.


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