When it comes to the fourth industrial revolution, the key words are.
transformation and innovation of production systems.

What are called “enabling technologies,” or technological solutions or improvements that are capable of revitalizing the production system, are used in production processes. So productivity increases and waste decreases.

Technologies in the NRP (National Recovery and Resilience Plan).

Among the enabling technologies the one that is at the center not only of the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan), but also of European investment plans such as Digital Europe, Next Generation Europe, is robotics, which has become an indispensable element of new production cycles.

Next-generation robotics

Lhe new smart factory is based on the
next-generation robotics
which is one of the foundational technologies of Industry 4.0.

The use of robotics can lead to the complete digitization and automation of processes in industrial enterprises, fostering major improvements in productivity and quality by reducing defects and making production more flexible.

Robots employed in Industry 4.0 are increasingly autonomous, flexible and collaborative.

In addition, enabling technologies allow robots to adapt to and communicate with other machinery in the plant, facilitating automatic adaptation to different stages of production.

The key role of training 4.0

In the current scenario, which thus positions robotics increasingly at the center of business dynamics, the training process, an equally central aspect of NRP funding and European investment plans, takes on a fundamental role, which has and will increasingly have in the future the role of integrating and renewing workforce skills to ensure effective coordination between the human factor and technology.

Autonox Robotics Industrial Robots

D.C.M. (text hyperlink to the page), a leading Italian company that has been offering innovative packaging systems for over 40 years, has a range of autonox robotics industrial robots which, thanks to its more than 250 models, can guarantee product handling, processing and packaging solutions for all production cycle needs.

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